What you can expect during your first visit

Estate planning, as the name suggests, requires a great deal of planning on your part. When you schedule a consultation with Mr. Osterman, you should bring along existing documents regarding your estate. Depending on your situation, those documents might include:

  • Existing will and/or trust documents
  • Existing Powers of Attorney
  • Existing Advanced Directives
  • List of assets, both real and personal (including approximate values)
  • List of debts
  • List of Bank Accounts, IRAs and other Retirement Accounts
  • List of digital assets, including web address, username and passwords
  • List of beneficiaries and other family members
  • Stock Certificates
  • Business and Personal Contracts
  • Deeds to real property
  • Income and expense reports

The goal of your consultation is to assess the extent of your estate and determine the specific mechanisms you will need to employ. Mr. Osterman will discuss the options that are available to you. Together, you will determine the best estate plan for you.