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Asset protection is an essential aspect of comprehensive estate planning. It is a legal approach that can help shield your valuable assets from potential creditors, litigation, or other unforeseen risks. Implementing a smart asset protection plan not only ensures the safekeeping of your hard-earned wealth but also provides peace of mind knowing your financial future and that of your loved ones is secure.

Since 1982, our family-owned and operated law firm has been helping individuals and families achieve peace of mind through comprehensive estate planning. What sets The Osterman Law Firm apart is our commitment to providing personalized legal advice tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our Denver asset protection lawyers can work closely with you to thoroughly understand your circumstances before developing and implementing custom strategies that suit your specific needs, objectives, and concerns. You can expect straightforward, solutions-oriented support and insightful advice informed by our decades of estate planning experience.

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What Can Asset Protection Tools Accomplish?

In a world where financial uncertainties and legal complications can arise, having a strong asset protection strategy in place can make a significant difference in preserving your wealth. Essentially, this form of estate planning acts as a form of financial insurance, establishing a robust defense against potential loss.

The primary goal of asset protection is to safeguard an individual's wealth from potential risks, including lawsuits, creditors, bankruptcy, and divorce proceedings. This involves the strategic organization and structuring of assets in such a way that makes it difficult for potential creditors to gain access while still maintaining compliance with all relevant laws. The process of asset protection involves careful financial planning that should only be carried out by a seasoned professional, as mistakes can cause adverse complications and leave your assets vulnerable.

In addition to safeguarding your wealth from creditors and potential lawsuits, asset protection also aims to provide a sense of security and peace of mind. It allows individuals and businesses alike to operate with the knowledge that their assets are protected against unforeseen adversities. This peace of mind enhances personal confidence and promotes overall financial stability.

Examples of Asset Protection Tools

Each asset protection strategy has its own set of rules, benefits, and drawbacks. That is why it is important to consult with an experienced legal professional to understand which tools are the most beneficial for your specific situation.

Our Denver asset protection attorneys can assist you with many types of popular tools and strategies, including:

  • Trusts. These are some of the most common tools used in asset protection. They involve transferring the legal title of an asset to a trustee, who then manages it for the benefit of the beneficiaries. There are various types of trusts, each designed to serve different purposes. For example, a revocable living trust can be used to avoid probate, while an asset protection trust (APT) is designed specifically to shield assets from potential creditors. An APT allows the settlor (the individual or entity establishing the trust) to transfer assets to the trust, essentially removing these assets from their personal or corporate possession. The trust becomes a separate legal entity, with the assets being managed by a trustee for the benefit of the trust's beneficiaries.
  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) and Family Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). These tools allow families to consolidate their wealth while maintaining control over their assets. A key benefit of FLPs and LLCs is that they provide excellent protection from personal creditors.
  • Retirement Accounts. Certain retirement accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs are generally protected from creditors under federal law.
  • Insurance. Various types of insurance, including homeowner's, auto, and umbrella policies, can provide a layer of protection for your assets.

At The Osterman Law Firm, we recognize that each client's situation is unique, with distinct assets, liabilities, and future financial goals. With these considerations in mind, we tailor our advice to each client's individual circumstances and are happy to assist with adjustments as circumstances evolve. Our Denver asset protection lawyers will carefully review your financial situation, taking the time to get a complete understanding of your asset portfolio, potential liabilities, risk tolerance, and long-term goals. We then weigh the advantages and limitations of various asset protection tools. Based on this comprehensive analysis, we will advise on the most beneficial combination of these tools for your needs. This personalized approach ensures that your asset protection plan is optimally designed to safeguard your wealth, both now and for future generations.

It is never too early to start thinking about asset protection. Call (303) 500-8633 or contact us online to start the conversation today.


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