Estate Administration

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Estate administration involves the process of settling an individual’s financial and property matters after that person passes away and then distributing their assets and property to heirs and beneficiaries. How this process will occur will depend on the legal documents that the deceased person left behind, the extent and value of the person’s estate, and how many beneficiaries are involved. 

At the Osterman Law Firm, our legal team can provide the advice, guidance, and representation you need if you are involved in the administration of someone’s estate, whether as an executor named in the will, a personal representative appointed by the probate court, or as a named trustee of the deceased person’s trust who needs help administering the estate contained within the trust. The latter is known as trust administration. Our Denver estate administration attorneys are ready to assist you in any way needed upon the deceased person’s passing.

Book a confidential consultation with a Denver-based estate administration lawyer to discuss your needs. The Osterman Law Firm can be reached at (303) 500-8633.

Estate Administration in Colorado

Many steps will have to be taken in the event of the passing of your family member or close friend. These steps range from collecting asset/property information, finding out how these assets were titled, locating the Will if one exists, filing it with the probate court, securing death certificates, and giving notice to the Social Security Administration if the decedent received benefits. 

If the person died with a will, it must be filed and validated by the probate court so that its instructions can be carried out by the executor. If no executor exists, the estate will be managed and settled by a personal representative, usually a family member or close friend, who is appointed by the court.

If the person died without a will, known as “intestacy,” then the person’s estate will be distributed according to Colorado intestacy laws. These laws typically distribute the property and assets to immediate family members. If none exist, less immediate family or “next of kin” will be notified and receive the assets once the probate process has been accomplished.

Everything that passes through the Will follows the probate process. The probate court supervises the process to ensure that the estate is administered according to law. Executors and personal representatives have a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries to do what is in their best interests. Executors and personal representatives can be held accountable should they abuse their power. 


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Estate & Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Trust administration involves managing the assets and properties that are held within the trust. The management must be done according to the trust instrument. 

When the grantor of the trust passes away, the trustee(s) must then distribute the assets in the trust according to the grantor’s instructions, These individuals as well have a fiduciary duty to the beneficiaries to do what is in their best interests and to abide by the grantor’s wishes and directions. 

Estate Administration

If you need assistance in estate administration, whether it involves probate or a trust instrument, The Osterman Law Firm can help. Because we do nothing else but establish estate plans and represent people involved in these plans, whether they include wills, trusts, or other documents, you can be assured that you will receive highly-qualified legal counsel. 

Our team welcomes the opportunity to serve you in ensuring that the legal process is handled efficiently and effectively and according to Colorado law. 

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